President's Message:Joanne Alderman, August 2016

By Joanne Alderman, MSN,RN,BC,APRN, FNGNA

NGNA Members…

On April 13, 2016, your NGNA Board of Directors sent you a letter requesting your assistance and support to help us develop an enriched and more transparent NGNA. We are writing to you now to provide an update.

NGNA continues to be at a critical juncture. As stated in the previous letter, our membership has decreased over the past five years, and continues to do so. Although we have seen a very small reversal in this trend in the past couple of months, overall, our membership numbers are far below what they were in previous years. NGNA is a membership driven organization, our finances are at their lowest. Your participation at the 2016 Conference is vitally important to the financial stability of NGNA.

The “early bird” registration has been extended to September 26, 2016 – now is the time to register and encourage your colleagues, friends and students to register as well! The Conference Planning Committee wants to provide each member with an excellent gerontological educational experience at conference.

We are asking that every current NGNA member remain with NGNA. We need you to be part of this organization as we move forward. Our “4-to-Soar” membership campaign is still alive and well. We are dedicated to educating nurses and preparing them to meet the challenges of the huge influx of older adults, their families, and caregivers through 2050 and beyond.

NGNA is the communication and educative link for our practice, education, and research surrounding Gerontological Nursing. We need this avenue… our nurses and older adults need this avenue.

We are confident that you, our membership, are committed to your organization. Is NGNA meeting the needs of your practice and/or research endeavors? Please share your suggestions with us –