President's Message: Joanne Alderman, May 2016

By Joanne Alderman, MSN,RN,BC,APRN, FNGNA

NGNA Members…

I hope your day was productive and your patient's stable and safe. I watched an AOL segment: “Nurses don't get nearly enough credit for their awesomeness. In celebration of National Nurses Week, here are 11 extraordinary nurses who went above and beyond the call of duty.” There is a video included as well.

NGNA adds to the number of exceptional nurses…

So many nurses are practicing in our country and have not had an opportunity to study gerontological nursing.
  • The vast numbers of older adults in every healthcare system will continue to increase and be without nurses who understand how the older body and mind react to stress, pain, acute occurrences, exacerbation of chronic illnesses and adverse drug reactions (to name, but a few).
  • How many avoidable hospital admissions could be prevented with Nursing's' art and science of knowledgeable recognition, appropriate intervention and communication?
  • Yet, geriatric/gerontological education continues to not be recognized as an integral part of nursing education.
  • We encourage you to read NGNA's Position Paper: Essential Gerontological Nursing Education in Registered Nursing and Continuing Education Programs (February 2015).
Your Board of Directors, Committees, Special Interest Groups (SIGS), and Fellows are each committed to many hours, beyond their regular working hours:
  • Restructuring NGNA to intensify our goal to be The National Gerontological Nursing Association, who practices engagement of all levels of nursing, inclusive of the Interprofessional Team
  • Mentoring new members, reaching out, directing and sharing our vast resources.
Nursing, is constantly changing, and NGNA is changing as well:
  • Updating and refreshing our Web pages
  • Increasing Social Media
  • Geriatric Interprofessional Webinars that bring Evidence-Based Practice to assist in molding the careers of our members
  • Pharmacology Webinars for the Advanced Practice Nurse with CEUs
  • Restructuring our Chapters across the country
  • Conference speakers presenting state of the art advances in nursing
  • Demonstrating a Spirit of Service
  • Consistent opportunities for students to be engrossed in their desired skill
  • Members becoming increasingly engaged with the process of NGNA
We want our members to make a difference and have an impact in nursing and in gerontological nursing. Please join us as our Chair of Membership and Marketing, Linda Hassler, and her committee work diligently to have all current members reach out to their colleagues and students and have 4 new members sign up.

No matter what age group you are in, we want to know your needs and professional aspirations. We are here to:
  • Welcome you to NGNA
  • To become involved with all members
  • Be mentors from day one
  • Be The Presence working for the older adult, their families, caregivers and the communities where they live
What can NGNA do for you?

What do you need from your National Organization?

Remember how vastly important Nurses are to everyone – everywhere…

Please send comments and concerns to my email address below.

Sincerely, from one nurse to another,


Click here to view the AOL nurses video and 11 pictures.