President's Message: A Clear Picture Ahead Matters


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Amy Cotton I recently had an opportunity to learn that replacing the wiper blades on my car certainly makes it easier to see the road ahead. I’m sure some of you can relate. You switch on the windshield wipers only to find that they don’t seem to be clearing the water like they used to, the road is a blur and your heart is racing because you truly can’t see where you are going.

Advances in science, rapidly shifting regulations and reimbursement and changing expectations of gerontological nurses in all settings are appearing at every turn. Having a clear view ahead adds to peace of mind. NGNA members can take advantage of many resources to keep a clear view of the road ahead.

Our growing e-Learning Library now includes options for the NGNA/Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing monthly webinars. These are a great way to get discounted continuing education credits and hear from national experts on evidence-based practice in gerontological nursing. If you miss the live, interactive webinar programs, no worries. The programs are archived for on-demand access. There are also no cost e-Learning courses on our website. Our journal, Geriatric Nursing continues to be packed with quality evidence to guide nursing practice.

And of course, our 2013 Annual Convention is quickly approaching, October 3-5, 2013 at the Hilton Clearwater Beach in Florida. This year’s theme A Clear Vision of Care for the Older Adult is guiding an exciting and dynamic program to equip nurse educators, researchers, administrators and clinicians with the latest knowledge to be more effective in our roles.

It takes time to fill up the passion meter and stay on top of the latest best practices in gerontological nursing care. I encourage you to give your view of gerontological nursing a tune-up. Take advantage of opportunities to access resources and network with your peers at NGNA!

Warm regards,