President's Message: Volume 19, Issue 4

The Power of Perspective


NGNA Form Listen to the President's Podcast (July-August 2012)

Amy Cotton Summer is finally here, and many of us will be taking a break over the next few months to recharge and gain new perspective. Changing perspective is a vital tool for each of us to be effective in improving and ensuring quality of nursing care for today and tomorrow’s aging population.

Gaining fresh perspective requires listening and hearing others’ voices. This can be a tough one, especially if the voices are loud, diverse and unfamiliar. This skill requires putting self aside to view an issue from another’s lens. I am encouraged as I read your NGNA list serve posts. I hear tough realities and issues discussed with passion, pride, empathy, networking, encouragement, and perhaps most importantly, civil communication. Civility in how we connect with each other is a foundation for NGNA’s continued impact and strength moving forward.

Gaining new perspective requires letting go of the safety and familiarity of what we know and considering a new path. There is no doubt that change is easier for some than others. I firmly believe the reason for this is one’s perspective. As NGNA President, I frequently participate in robust discussions with various nursing and health care stakeholders about the serious issues today facing our nation’s gerontological nurses and older adults. I recently heard a simple tip that has given me inspiration and energy for these difficult conversations. Instead of saying HOW BIG THAT MOUNTAIN IS you face , how about telling that mountain HOW BIG YOU ARE? What a great tool to empower each of us as we navigate the changing health care delivery system and continue to strategize to meet the health care needs of an aging population.

Think about gaining both fresh and new perspective in your daily lives. Taking a break is a great way to start down this path. I wish you all a relaxing and rejuvenating summer. I also hope to see you all at NGNA’s Annual Convention in Baltimore, October 4 – 6, as the nation’s gerontological nurses continue to change the world for older adult health care!

Warm Regards,