Campaign for Action Website Offers In-Depth Information, Opportunities to Engage

As the largest segment of the health care workforce and the professionals who spend the most time with patients, nurses bring essential experience and insight to efforts to improve access and quality and lower health care costs. The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action is working to prepare nurses to address our nation’s most pressing health care challenges—access, quality, and cost.

To mobilize diverse health care stakeholders and the nursing community to connect with others across the country, we have launched a new website and online community – The online community offers opportunities for people to showcase their work and share the latest news; webinars hosted by leading experts across health care, business and government; discussions; a listing of Campaign for Action events around the country; and opportunities to ask questions and find resources and tools.

Additionally, the new website offers:

  • Information on the more than 80 health care, nursing, business and consumer organizations that share the goal of transforming health care by focusing on nursing.
  • Background on the Campaign’s framework and information on its progress to date.
  • State pages showcasing the work of Action Coalitions in nearly every state.
  • Evidence that describes the research and analysis upon which this work is grounded.

Want to increase the number of people in your network? Then join the conversation. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select “Create Account” (top left), enter the requested information, including a picture (optional) and read the Terms of Service.

Step 3: Select submit and you’re on your way.

This short process allows you to post your thoughts, ideas, comments or resources on all things related to the Campaign for Action and multiply how many people you reach about the importance of the nursing care of older adults.

What you can do.

The online community hosts a Q&A section, news, resources, and webinars. It is also home to Community Posts, which – like blogs - are where community members can give perspectives, opinions and discussion. We invite you to post your comments, share your thoughts and ideas, and give your reactions to events, resources and experiences. Your contribution can be as informal or formal as you like, and we do not prescribe minimum or maximum word counts for your entries.

Because these Community Posts can potentially take on varied formats and styles, below are some tips and guidelines.

Community Post Topic Ideas

  • Discuss a perspective or advancement related to a topic relevant to your work.
  • Provide a timely response to an event and discuss what it means to your stakeholders.
  • Profile someone whose story is relevant to advancing our goals.
  • Detail how a resource has helped you further your goals.
  • React to a recently published news article.
  • Make an announcement such as a promotion or an upcoming conference.